the story of my life
written in these walls are the stories that i can't explain


im a shitty rp partner tho

sometimes i reply 19 seconds after youve replied

sometimes i reply 147 years later

she's just the way she is but no one's told her that's okay
a skylar townsend moodboard

skylar townsend, 21, athlete. from franklin, tn. (phoebe tonkin)
augustus ‘mack’ mckinney, 24, tech. from london, uk. (daniel sharman)

Skylar Townsend is Phoebe Tonkin (athlete)

and I don’t have a name yet for my Daniel Sharman (tech)



Scout Townsend is Phoebe Tonkin (athlete)

and I don’t have a name yet for my Daniel Sharman (tech)

the big mack daddy

i’m calling him mack just for you

Macho Priest #Adrian Lannister farted and had to move back 3 spaces.

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human - a scout townsend playlist

scout townsend. age tbd with face. athlete.
  • this is my baby scout (which is not her real name btw just a nickname and the only thing she answers to.)
  • she may not look it, but she’s totally badass.
  • seriously, she could kick your ass. probably.
  • she’s pretty tiny compared to most of the other athletes.
  • what she lacks in physical size and strength, she makes up for with speed and flexibility.
  • yoga is pretty much her life. without it, she would probably punch somebody on the daily.
  • she’s also verrrrry competitive.
  • she doesn’t do ‘friends’ well, because she’s constantly on her toes, waiting for somebody to turn on her.
  • basically, she sees every other athlete as competition.
  • she feels a constant need to prove herself, which comes from parentals who pretty much tore her down constantly.
  • basically any time she excelled at something,her parents told her she should do better.
  • they thought they were helping. they weren’t.
  • when people underestimate her, she proves them wrong.
  • she’s not exactly book smart, but she is street smart and rather witty.
  • she left a boyfriend behind when she was brought to the island, and she was pretty bitter about that.
  • she doesn’t do relationships like not even with an ‘approved’ partner but you can bet she’ll find a way to hook up with someone.
  • she sees ‘forbidden’ as a challenge and that’s probably going to bite her in the ass.
  • i’ll add to this later~
a scout townsend moodboard - athlete