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Ana Caselli [24 year old actress] is Nina Dobrev and JT Chambers [21 year old singer] is Steven R. McQueen~

dark and twisty inside // a delayney anastasia caselli moodboard
anastasia caselli | 24 | actress | impulsive
  • my first baby here is ana. a little backstory: the caselli’s are originally from canada, eh. when ana was eight, her twin sister and mother were in a fatal car accident. she has a few brothers (like 3 or 4 i think?) and a couple of them are open so if you want one, talk to me or nada or nirvana!!
  • ana here is an actress. i have a specific current tv role in mind for her, but we’ll see how that goes. basically, the show is just now starting to get famous as they film season two, and she’s the starring role so she’s dealing with her new fame and award nominations and all of that.
  • she was also in the badass girl gang movie with rhiannon which is awesome and you should check out that request!!!
  • she needs roommates and friends and costars and exes but she never really invests in relationships so they would have all been shortlived. maybe she had one relationship years ago that ended badly and ever since then she just doesn’t do them idk.
  • ana is on a strict vegan and gluten free diet but totally cheats with cheetos like on a daily basis.
jt chambers | 21 | singer/songwriter | self aware
  • and this is jt. four years ago, j was a pizza delivery boy from new york. then he won a little singing competition called the voice (season 2?) and everything changed. fame came hard and fast and he was thrust into the spotlight and now he’s a pretty big deal.
  • he does more acoustic type songs i think and he can play guitar and piano and he even helps write his own music which is pretty cool. this year he was asked to take the place of a judge on the voice since they were leaving the show. since it’s the show that made him, he couldn’t bring himself to say no even though he’s not overly thrilled with the gig because he’d rather be out playing shows and writing music.
  • he’s kind of just a big sweetheart and sometimes he lets the whole fame/heart throb get to his head but he can’t help it. he’s just kind of in love with the glitz and the glamour and knows that you only get one shot so he’s determined to make the most of it~ plus who doesn’t love being one of the hottest guys on the planet amirite?
  • he needs friends and fellow judges and contestants on the voice and we should work this entire plot out because it’ll be fun!!
  • deep down he’s just a big nerd who loves video games and comic books.
  • he’s also currently faceless so if you have any ideas throw them at me!!!

*whispers* hollywood and vine???!?

Make Caselli’s pls.

name/alias: kristen but you can call me queen~
age: twentysomething
time zone: est
what you expect from the site: STUFF AND THINGS idk love me
guilty pleasure movie(s): I rewatched the covenant yesterday for the eye candy so there’s that
guilty pleasure show(s): teen wolf and tvd holla
last song on repeat: somebody to love by queen yo
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Ana needs roommates— I was thinking 2-4 males so it could be a New Girl esque plot (who’s that girl? It’s Ana!) but they should be mid to late twenties~ hmu if you’re interested!!

bc I have no will power, a revamped JT is coming back and Ana Caselli is coming to the wonderful world of WAW~


  1. James, Adrian, Isaac, Mia, Rylee, Reese, Logan, Millie, Noah, Arabella
  2. James, Adrian, Isaac, Reese, Rylee, Noah, Mia, Arabella, Logan, Millie
  3. James, Arabella, Reese, Rylee, Millie, Adrian, Mia, Noah, Isaac, Logan
  4. James, Isaac, Noah, Adrian, Arabella, Reese, Mia, Rylee, Logan, Millie
  5. Millie, James, Noah, Logan, Reese, Rylee, Isaac, Mia, Arabella, Adrian
  6. Millie, Mia, James, Isaac, Adrian, Noah, Rylee, Logan, Reese, Arabella
  7. Rylee
  8. Adrian
  9. Millie
  11. Rylee
  12. See answer for 10
  13. James
  14. Arabella
  15. James, Reese, Millie, Isaac, Adrian, Rylee, Mia, Noah, Arabella, Logan
  16. Arabella
  17. Rylee
  18. Adrian
  19. James
  20. James
  21. Arabella
  22. James
  23. James, Arabella, Reese, Mia, Noah, Logan, Isaac, Adrian, Millie, Rylee
  24. James, Rylee, Reese, Logan, Millie, Noah, Mia, Isaac, Arabella, Adrian
  25. James
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so luna gallagher is my 21 year old selena gomez werewolf baby. she was turned pretty recently (I think within the last year) and is still getting used to everything. I kind of want her to have a human boyfriend that she’s been dating like forever. she’s wild and reckless at times, even more so now that shes a werewolf, but he’s her anchor. he doesn’t know she’s a werewolf so he’d think she was just kind of being distant (maybe he even thinks she’s cheating???) and they’d be growing apart and angst and drama and fun. this is not a finals plot because I like things to work themselves out organically.

face and personality are pretty much open but run ideas by me. he should be 21-23ish and human and they would have started dating in like high school.

but yeah message me if you’re interested!!!